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For the secret Santa thing at my work, the person I got wanted only one thing: a CD cassette player/recorder or something. I was given the clue to look for it at Walmart. Buying it online didn’t work since it was $200+ to have it shipped home. The item itself is only $50. Also, the buy online and pick up at the store failed when I got refunded because they didn’t have it in stock. None of the closest Walmarts had the item. I did eventually find the item… It had to be the farthest Walmart on the list of closest Walmarts… The only reason why I didn’t get lost was because I had a passenger with me…
//goes to bed and passes out.
Also, gift cards were against the rules…

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Reblog if you would play a copy of sburb if you got it





I wanna see how many brave people there are!


you guys would sacrifice the world for godly powers???

aw who am I kidding hell yeah i would

if sburb were released, someone would play it, so the only chance of survival would be to play.

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Reblog if you’re single.


hello there. i’m doing a research on how many people are single and how many are in a relationship on tumblr. this research aims to determine if single people spend more time than people in a relationship and vice versa. here’s the post for the ‘in a relationship’ people.

thank you very much for participating.

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I have no idea what to get anyone. I’m pretty sure my info on their interests is outdated…by 5 years or something… And I’m pretty sure my internal clock resets at random so I’m probably 2 years behind or something…like everyone is as old as they were 2 years ago while still being in 2013…or something like that

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Limits of the Human Body by Soda Pop Avenue

Credit goes to SPA, but I wanted this here for a writer’s reference. This way we know exactly how far we can push our characters ;)

i’m not a murderer i swear

This will be so useful…

170,6°F is 42°C

40°F is 4°C

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Tsar Alexander II Presentation Sword

  • Dated: 18th-19th century
  • Measurements: 96 cm overall length in scabbard

The gilt bronze hilt features a Gothic style involving intertwining tendrils, dragons and a demon’s head. It has a 18th century Ottoman kilic blade of pattern-welded steel with arabesques while the wooden scabbard is covered in gold-stamped leather and mounted in gilt bronze en suite with the hilt.

This blade was given to Alfred, Count von Bassenheim by Count Alexander von Hugle, and originally presented to the Count’s ancestor, the Duke of Wurttemburg, by Tsar Alexander II of Russia. Together with its detailed handwritten provenance dated 1885 and signed by Alfred, Count von Bassenheim, Imperial Major.

Source: Copyright © 2013 Auction Flex

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if you ever think that you’ve made a big mistake, just remember that in 1788 the Austrian army attacked itself and lost 10,000 men

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No, you sit down and shush over there! You’re not the only one who needs a depressing background or sad future!

Did I say the last part aloud? Nope, you must have been hearing things.

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I haven’t checked my voice mail since April aka my birthday. Maybe I should check it now… Maybe…

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I felt like uploading pictures of random food that I’ve taken on my phone, mostly brownie bites, cookies, and whatever that third one we usually have. But then I thought “naw, too lazy”